When we work together one on one:

You get deeply connected to your why.  Your why is the heart of your business. It’s the love that keeps you going. It adds meaning, inspiration and motivation to every step and task you need to do in your business to achieve your goals. Being connected to it keeps you focused on the greater outcome while being present with the day to day. When your why is anchored in your heart you can share your vision and have it touch the hearts of your clients, partners and community.

You get to Know Your Value. You uncover hidden strengths, more clearly see your value and communicate it with clarity and confidence. You eliminate areas in your business where you are leaking your energy, over delivering and overworking. When you are grounded in your value you increase your client enrollments, charge what you are worth and identify additional revenue streams.

You get past those Limiting Beliefs. You clear out any incongruences in your life that are limiting your potential. You become aware of the thoughts and patterns that hold you back. You cultivate self love practices and shine light on your fears. You discover how to manage your limiting beliefs, fears and move forward anyways.

You get clear in identifying your ideal avatar for both clients and partners. Ones that are  in alignment with your soul and soul’s purpose. Clients that fill you and fuel your business. Happy clients refer you more aligned clients. You discover the art of building bridges, connections and creating collaborations. You create joint ventures that light you up, expanding your community with efficiency and ease.

You Create a Soul Aligned Plan. An effective roadmap that allows you to navigate the next steps of your business and move forward. A step by step plan that is aligned with your soul’s vision not your ego. You discover tools and strategies that keep you focused and eliminate distractions. You experience the success and joy that comes from consistent aligned action.

Kate muker


Proud mama of Indira, a beautiful soul who has been one of my life’s greatest teachers. I am married to my soulmate, who is my partner and biggest supporter in life and in business. I use entrepreneurship to fulfill my purpose: creating opportunities for women to live an abundant life.


Sharing stories and learnings from my journey as a mother, wife, Conscious Diva, entrepreneur, speaker and dream builder.


Sharing stories and learnings from my journey as a mother, wife, Conscious Diva, entrepreneur, speaker and dream builder.