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©vairdy_photography_2015_3971As a mom I am always curious about the ways other moms handle certain situations, healthy foods they feed their kids, activities, routines…etc. I think it’s important to share and learn from one another because it creates connection and community—the two things that we crave, as humans, but are deprived of as moms. We get so caught up in caring for our little loves that we forget to fulfill these needs. It took me a while to realize this for myself. But once I made the commitment to reconnect with myself and my community, my motherhood journey elevated to another level.

This is one of my intentions for this blog: to provide the space for mothers to find connection and community.  That’s why I was so excited when I found out that I have been nominated as a “Top Mom Blogger”! I’m currently in the running for the number one spot and I’d love your help in getting there!

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Because I believe that transparency creates connection, I created a little list for you below that includes parenting tips, favorite things, as well as my struggles as a mother.

Favorite Morning Moment

I started a little game with Indira, I told her I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning until I had my morning kiss and hug. Now when she wakes up before me she gives me kisses and hugs to wake me up.

Most Challenging Part About Being A Mom
Staying true to the desires of my soul while being the  mom, wife and entrepreneur that I want to be.

Indira’s Favorite Breakfast
Banana and blueberries with yogurt.

Favorite Location for Playdates
St. Andrews Park in North Vancouver. It comes equipped with little bikes and cars, two large sandpits, picnic benches and seating. It’s also a prime spot for mamas who have little ones that like to run lose since the park is completely fenced in.

Indira’s Favorite Healthy Snack
Coconut Balls from Forest Feast Cookbook – Nut Butter + Dates + Honey + Coconut. I use cashew macadamia butter but any would work.

Indira-Approved Salad RecipeIMG_7189
Combine kale, purple cabbage, carrots, sunflower seeds and raisins in a large bowl. Add your favorite apple cider vinegar salad dressing and let it marinate for 4+ hours.

How We Make Transitions Easier
Finding creative ways to transition from activity to activity without a struggle is a work in progress for us. One thing that works is getting Indira ready for the day right after she wakes up. This way, when it’s time to leave the house the only thing she needs to do is put her shoes and jacket on.

How I Handle Meltdowns
Now that she’s 2, I usually give her space to have a meltdown while letting her know where in the house I’ll be when she is done. If she is feeling perceptive, I hold her close and tell her to imagine a golden shower of light sprinkling down through her head and into every cell in her body. Depending on her mood, this exercise calms her down.

Favorite Bedtime Books
Currently anything Dora the Explorer & The Hug Machine.

Indoor Activities We Love
Playdough. Baking. Painting. Throwing Balls. Couch Jumping.

Outdoor Activities We Love
Bubbles. Parks. Blowing Dandelions.

Two Of The Most Amazing Benefits of Motherhood
The awareness and growth that our children provide us (should we choose to see it) and the community/connection with other women.

Now, it’s your turn. In the comments below, share a helpful parenting tip, something you’re struggling with as a mom or one way your life has benefitted from being a mother.

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