Curating, Hosting and Facilitating Events is My Zone of Genius!
It Brings Me Joy to Witness Attendees Experiencing the Magic that Unfolds.

For me it’s not about the size of the event or the number of people in the room. There can be 30 women in a circle or 400 people in a theatre. The common thread for me is creating a space that feels intimate, ignites a power from within and inspires heart centered connections among conscious individuals.

Over the last 5 years I’ve had the absolute pleasure of hosting 100’s of local events in Vancouver that have attracted 1000’s of amazing human beings. I’ve curated the events from start to finish, promoted and attracted attendees and along with an exceptional team of staff and volunteers we think out and execute the little details that enhance an attendee and speaker experience.

These events have included but are not limited to Book Launches with best selling authors like Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle Laporte and Kate Northrup, Women’s Circles, Retreats, TED Style Speaking Events and Gala Dinners. At these events I’ve done everything from introductions, emcee, guest speaker to facilitating an entire event. (Click here to learn more about the topics I love speaking on)

If you are launching a new book in the realm of personal growth, spirituality or entreprenuership, would like to host an event in Vancouver and think that your message combined with my community and event curation could be a magical send me an email here.

To explore some of the events I’ve hosted in the past click on the logo/images below.

past events

Book Launches





Book Launches


Is your new book about to launch online or hit the shelves in local bookstores nationally? Do you have plans to do a book tour and considering Vancouver as a stop on the tour?

Do you have an online following? Does your message speak mostly to women interested in health, personal growth, spirituality or soulful entrepreneurship? Would you like to be able to show up and shine without thinking about all the logistics and event details?

If so, there might be a good synergy between us.

I have hosted and sold out a number of book launches for best selling authors like Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle Laporte, Kate Northrup and Dr.Sukhi Muker. I have a large local community of women interested in health, personal growth, spirituality and entrepreneurship.

My zone of genius is curating, hosting and selling out events in Vancouver. In addition to the 100’s of events I hosted locally, I most recently volunteered as Public Relations Outreach Lead for TEDxVancouver which sold out with over 3000 people.

I only collaborate with authors looking to create a mutually beneficial and magical partnership.

If you are interested in learning more about what this might look like send me an email here.

Thriving Moms


An intimate evening for mothers to own their power by choosing everyday to prioritize self-love so they can give the best version of themselves to their families. When you give first to yourself you can be a happy, present and thriving mom.

You become a different woman when you become a mother.

MUKER FAMILY-FOR PRINT_Z5C0865Not only do you become a woman with great responsibility, but you receive the gift of shaping and nurturing the life of your little one. And, that special mother-child bond will help your precious lil’ one become a leader in their own right. Whether they are a teacher, doctor, healer, or whomever they choose to be, (because we both know they can be anything they choose!), your love will help guide the way.

But along with this new life purpose of motherhood you are also given the ‘gift’ of a never ending to-do list!

It can feel as though your identity has been swept out from under you, leaving you a little lost, very tired and wondering where your non-mommy self (creative, sensual and nourished) fell through the cracks. (yikes!) I get it… In fact, while motherhood has been a deep blessing, it also brought me to a pretty crazy state of emotional and physical exhaustion.

For the first time in my life I felt unmotivated, uninspired and foggy from the lack of sleep and over giving. But mostly, I forgot who I was and it was a shock for me to be in this place because I had already learned the lessons of self care and nurturance and yet there I was like so many moms, burnt out!

And then one day it hit me, after 17 months of mommy-hood I decided I was done being depleted and exhausted. I saw clearly I had a choice and it was about time that I chose energy and joy. My limiting beliefs around who the perfect mother is and what she was suppose to do were holding me back, big time. I needed to redefine my version of motherhood. I shifted priorities. I put myself and my self-care at the top of the list. I rediscovered my passions. I took time away from my family. I went to yoga and let myself do it without guilt.

I chose to be the kind of mother who is inspired, energetic and loving.

I am now much more present when I am with my little girl, Indira . I am much more present when I am with my husband, Sukhi. I am joyful. I am thriving. I am deeply connected to myself. I choose to thrive as a mother.

But more importantly in this moment, I want you to know that you can do this too.

Are you ready to give back to you, so you can finally be the mother you know you’re meant to be?

Learn more and get on our list so you are the first to know when we announce our next event as the last one sold out really quick.

VairdyPhotographyVairdy Photography, Event Photography Sponsor

My love of love inspires me to photograph children and their families. By letting life unfold organically in front of my camera, I seek to capture your most fleeting moments. I try to minimize posing, yet offer subtle direction. I love to encourage my clients to simply be themselves and really let the children decide the pace of the session. I use natural lighting and meaningful locations to create lovable fine art portraits to proudly display in your home. As a mother of two, I take great pride in celebrating my family’s love. Our walls are brimming with beautiful images and having my children and a few photobooks in my lap is a moment that I always cherish.

living extraordinary

home_LEYou’re a seeker.
You want expansion.
You want power with purpose.
You’re seeking a like-minded community.
And, above all, you want an extraordinary life.

Living extraordinary means living your gift. Having a message and speaking it. Your art, gift or talent comes from a place of power and certainty. To live extraordinary means you are on a journey of self exploration and your purpose in life is to continuously explore and deepen your truth.

Living Extraordinary is an event where 10 local heros share what they have learned on their journeys of greatness and inspire you to embark on your own. We have a vision where you as an attendee are a part of the event, the speakers provide touching, thought provoking messages that are the catalyst for conversations, shifts in perspective and ah – has.

As you arrive at the venue you are surrounded by a community of open and authentic individuals who want to engage in conversation. The room is often bubbling with laughter and hugs. Friends old and new line up to take pictures at the photobooth. Community sponsors offer up samples and have engaging stories to share. The lighting, decor and music make a large room feel intimate and cozy. You are given little treats or gifts from carefully selected sponsors to enjoy at the event or take home.

This is an event to bring together conscious like minded individuals providing the opportunity for meaningful conversations, quality connections and inspiration. Change starts with one person. Our hope is to spark a ripple effect of change in families, communities and ultimately the planet, starting with you.

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logo vector tagSPIRO Creative, Event Video Production Sponsor

We are a boutique style video production and promotions company who helps our clients tell their unique stories through video with confidence. Our mission is to create videos that share your story, embodied with your heart and soul to your specific audience. We know that passion is as important as the product. We focus on telling YOUR STORY with all the passion, creativity and inspiration it deserves. We are not about selling to an audience, we are about connecting to YOUR AUDIENCE by telling your story visually.

essence-oracle-logo1The Essence Oracle, Event Photography Sponsor

Heather Pennell combines photographic branding, transformational coaching and intuition to elevate conscious entrepreneurs. Her unique process shows biz savvy professionals how to embody confidence and success in front of the lens, their clients and the world.

Being Women Retreat

Who do you want to BE?

Being Women is an intimate one-day retreat for women who are ready to realize their full potential in their business and life. This unique event gives you the tools required for continuous growth, success and abundance in your business.

The retreat is for women who are aching for more authenticity, clarity and confidence in their business. If you want overcome your limits by learning how to connect to your ‘WHY’—on a daily basis—and tap into a business that is aligned with your authentic self.

I co-created this magical event with Lara Kozan the co-founder of Yyoga and Nectar Juicery a leading entrepreneur and icon for female empowerment.

During this full day event you will have the opportunity to connect with us and ask anything as we reveal our secrets for success, balance and happiness.

This exclusive retreat takes place in a beautiful home in West Vancouver. There will be no microphones, no crowds and no uncomfortable networking.

Instead, you can expect transformative conversations with like-minded women. In our guided workshops you will gain clarity, confidence and courage as you:

  • Infuse your life’s purpose into your business
  • Conquer audacious goals
  • Learn how to get help and stay motivated

You will Connect to Your Bigger Purpose. We take you through an exercise to connect with your highest potential, to experience what it feels like to thrive and what your soul is calling you to create. You will go through a process to let go of the obstacles that are preventing you from running a business that is in alignment with your potential. Through this process you will complete your I AM vision statement.

You will focus on how you show up in the world. Who You Be is the most important step in what you create, it is the foundation of your business.  You will experience how your fears and limiting beliefs are influencing every aspect of your work and personal life. We will take you through an exercise that will allow you to access powerful states to move past the fears and limiting beliefs and create from a place that allows you to experience more flow, ease and miracles.

Then the most important step. Integration and implementation. We will focus on integrating the day’s teaches and experiencing the potential of an activation tool that you can use to shift into the most powerful states of being in minutes for those moments when things aren’t going well or when you want to supercharge your experience. You will also create your own unique love practice implementation plan.

If you want to join us at our next retreat, sign up below and you will be the first to know.

Conscious Divas Women’s Circles

home_CDConscious Divas curates events for heart centered women who are on a path of self discovery, with a desire to connect within to discover their authentic truth, share it with the world and live with more joy, love and inner fulfillment. Filling your heart with wisdom and your soul with beautiful connections.

When Conscious Divas launched in 2010 it was based on a vision to attract spiritual modern women, to build a tribe so we could all grow together.

Diva Date Nights were born!

For four years I co-facilitated these monthly events with local experts and so many amazing women joined our tribe.

We hosted nearly 100 events and the community enriched the lives of so many women; there were thousands of new friendships created, connections with new teachings and teachers and so many women began to shine their lights. It grew beyond what I could have ever imagined. It grew beyond me.

As I transitioned into motherhood I felt called to shift directions with my role in Conscious Divas and embrace the new priorities that were emerging as a mother, wife, student on a spiritual path, teacher and speaker. The values of Conscious Divas remain aligned with my personal values, the way I am choosing to shine them in the world has evolved and will continue to evolve.

What past attendees said:

“Thank you Kate Muker for organizing such an amazing evening last night. It was great to connect with you incredible women and be inspired”

“There was a magic in the room that allowed me to go instantly deeper with my message than is possible when usually meeting a group for the first time. Kate this is a testament to the community you have built and the spaces you create”