You become a different woman when you become a mother.

MUKER FAMILY-FOR PRINT_Z5C0865Not only do you become a woman with great responsibility, but you receive the gift of shaping and nurturing the life of your little one. And, that special mother-child bond will help your precious lil’ one become a leader in their own right. Whether they are a teacher, doctor, healer, or whomever they choose to be, (because we both know they can be anything they choose!), your love will help guide the way.

But along with this new life purpose of motherhood you are also given the ‘gift’ of a never ending to-do list!

It can feel as though your identity has been swept out from under you, leaving you a little lost, very tired and wondering where your non-mommy self (creative, sensual and nourished) fell through the cracks. (yikes!) I get it… In fact, while motherhood has been a deep blessing, it also brought me to a pretty crazy state of emotional and physical exhaustion.

For the first time in my life I felt unmotivated, uninspired and foggy from the lack of sleep and over giving. But mostly, I forgot who I was and it was a shock for me to be in this place because I had already learned the lessons of self care and nurturance and yet there I was like so many moms, burnt out!

And then one day it hit me, after 17 months of mommy-hood I decided I was done being depleted and exhausted. I saw clearly I had a choice and it was about time that I chose energy and joy. My limiting beliefs around who the perfect mother is and what she was suppose to do were holding me back, big time. I needed to redefine my version of motherhood. I shifted priorities. I put myself and my self-care at the top of the list. I rediscovered my passions. I took time away from my family. I went to yoga and let myself do it without guilt.

I chose to be the kind of mother who is inspired, energetic and loving.

I am now much more present when I am with my little girl, Indira . I am much more present when I am with my husband, Sukhi. I am joyful. I am thriving. I am deeply connected to myself. I choose to thrive as a mother.

But more importantly in this moment, I want you to know that you can do this too.

Are you ready to give back to you, so you can finally be the mother you know you’re meant to be?

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VairdyPhotographyVairdy Photography, Event Photography Sponsor

My love of love inspires me to photograph children and their families. By letting life unfold organically in front of my camera, I seek to capture your most fleeting moments. I try to minimize posing, yet offer subtle direction. I love to encourage my clients to simply be themselves and really let the children decide the pace of the session. I use natural lighting and meaningful locations to create lovable fine art portraits to proudly display in your home. As a mother of two, I take great pride in celebrating my family’s love. Our walls are brimming with beautiful images and having my children and a few photobooks in my lap is a moment that I always cherish.