A Powerful and Loving Way to Make Extra Income for Your Coaching Business in 2015

In an effort to really listen to our community and find tools and resources to support their needs, I came across a BIG need that our coaches and healers are faced with: Needing to make more income.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to make money just to make it. You want to create an income flow based on doing your soul’s work, your passion, your purpose. Today, I want to share an opportunity that I was given that I think would bring you passion, excitement and joy!

How This Opportunity Came to Be

I am going to guess as a coach, healer or facilitator you are familiar with the work of Danielle LaPorte and her work with the Desire Map. Well, Danielle has done it again by creating an incredible opportunity for us to use her brilliant work as a foundation for our future success. (More on that in a bit…)

In case you haven’t heard of it, the Desire Map is a holistic life-planning tool which helps you identify your “core desired feelings” in every area of your life, then maps out how to create the life of your dreams around those core desires.

The Desire Map is one of those brilliant books on your shelf that you keep reading over and over again – and the workbook is even juicier!

The outpouring of transformational testimonials led Danielle and her team to create the world’s largest book club. And the success of book club created the life-changing, quick to sell-out Desire Map Workshop.

My Personal Experience with Danielle

I’ve been a big fan of Danielle’s work for a number of years now. She’s one of the few people whose blog I follow regularly. I’ve had the pleasure jamming over dinner with her and hosting a couple of events with her in Vancouver.

As an entrepreneur on a constant journey of growth, her work brings so much value to my life through her spiritual wisdom and business brilliance … always delivered in truth without the fluff.

The Desire Map Workshop blew me away. I’ve been to a number of workshops, weeklong intensives, meditation retreats etc. and I didn’t expect to experience such a powerful transformation in one day.

The concept of living by your Core Desires made sense. There was an intellectual knowing that felt like pure truth when I read the book and went through the process. My core desires landed in my heart in a way that shifted the way I looked at my days and weeks. This was very powerful because leading up to this workshop I experienced nine dark and heavy months where I was lucky to get by each day. My energy levels were low, I had lost my vitality and inspiration was non-existent.

Danielle’s powerful process of the Desire Map shifted – and continues to shift –
the direction of my journey in a powerfully positive way.

That is why when she told me about this new opportunity… I knew I had to
make every effort to “share” with you. I believe this will change your life, as it did mine.

An Opportunity to Expand Your Soul’s Work (and Profit!)

Danielle has experienced tremendous success (both financially and soulfully) with the Desire map book and workbook. But now, she has opened up the opportunity for other soul-centered entrepreneurs to license her program which means you and I can now leverage the huge power of her success for our gain. Let me explain…

The Desire Map Licensing Program is a ready-made business with soul that prepares anyone with vision and moxie to lead Desire Map workshops anywhere on the planet. It could be the first step towards your financial independence, OR it could be the additional revenue stream that changes everything. Either way, it WILL change lives.

As a facilitator who hosts events and workshops I was able to identify that Danielle had created an amazing opportunity for coaches, healers and facilitators with the Desire Map workshop:

  • You have the ability to execute your vision, highlight your expertise and wisdom with the format of the workshop complete with marketing.
  • A new revenue stream for professionals who already have a community but would like to provide a new offering for your clients.
  • Have you been thinking of creating a workshop but don’t know where to start? Or don’t feel like you have the time?

Leverage the awareness of Danielle LaPorte’s brand and the Desire map as a lead into to your other offerings!

You will know if this is right for you because your heart will speak to you. Something will give you a little nudge within to watch this video Danielle created:

Click Here to Watch the Video Now

Did You Ask for This?

If you’ve been asking for something … be sure to listen when the universe sends you messages. Sometimes the signs come from within and sometimes they are delivered from others.

The truth is your heart/intuition always knows…

If You’re Inspired and Ready

If you do feel called, watch Danielle’s video and move forward from there. If you have questions, Danielle’s team is amazing. You can send them an email at support@daniellelaporte.com.

I’d recommend hopping on board immediately because the rocket has launched as of January 7th and it’s always beneficial to be a part of something while the momentum is happening.

For anyone in my community who is inspired to become a licensee and registers, send me an email and I would happily offer you a complimentary 45-minute coaching call to support you with building community and filling your workshop.

Making (good!) money while doing work that is based on empowerment and making a positive difference in people’s lives is where it’s at. Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below + share this message with others whom you think will benefit.



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Note – I am affiliate of her products because I think Danielle offers extreme value to her following. So if you buy from one of the links above, I will receive an affiliate commission. Thank you for your support!