5 Tips for Greater Health & Vitality

Fresh locally-grown goji berries from the farmer’s market on the left and dried packaged organic goji berries from overseas on the right. www.ediblegoddes.com

Do you review your health habits and rituals around this time of year to see if they are still serving you? Do you find that some things need an upgrade, change or to be let go of?

I wanted to share some of my fundamentals that might resonate for you to implement.

1) Value the Real Estate of Your Mind. What do you let take up real estate in your mind? I am very conscious about what I let take up my mental real estate. If there is something spinning around over and over, if I find myself replaying or rethinking something over and over. I immediately put a stop the madness as I know the negative effects it can have on many areas of my life. Processing different than continuously adding fuel to the fire. To process the experience I use tools like meditation, journaling and work through the situation, I open up the communication with the person involved if there is one or I call a trusted friend or expert that can help me process the core of what’s really surfacing.

2) Nourishment. I’m a big fan of whole foods, smoothies, juices, high quality supplements, good fats, lots of greens and hormone free pasture raised grass fed meat. Ensuring your cells get all the goodness they require to thrive. I was a vegetarian for 7 years and have only recently started incorporating meat back into my diet. Since having Indira I’ve definitely stepped up the nutrient dense home cooking with soups, stews, bone broth, fermentation etc. (Indira’s first foods were bone broth, egg yolk and pureed stew.) Another thing I keep to a minimum is refined sugars and grains. All my baking is with honey, maple syrup, almond and coconut flours.

3) Movement. Moving your body daily is so important. We are physical beings, our bodies are meant to move. Find a form of movement you love so that you are inspired to get your heart pumping and boyd moving. Explore dance, snowshoeing, running, cross country skiing, yoga etc. This is an area I can say has been more challenging since having Indira but it’s moving back to the top of my priorities. I recently started doing yoga again and am planning to train for a running race in the spring. What type of movement brings you alive?

4) Sleep. I love my sleep. Getting restful sleep each nightSleep is a time when your nervous system integrates your experiences and processes everything physically, mentally and emotionally. Restful sleep directly impacts your health and how you mentally/emotionally function each day. Another reason I keep my “mental real estate” in check is because those spinning thoughts can creep in and steal your restful sleep. I am one of those people who hits the pillow and is out like a light. Any time I find myself up late “thinking” about things that might even be disguised as inspiring I know that my mind is way too busy and it’s a sign I need to step up my meditation and healthy habits. (Of course as a co-sleeping mama the restful sleep has been completely redefined and replaced with lots of good cuddles and kisses.)

5) Creativity. Making time for creative expression. I use to think that creativity was a quality only talented artists embodied. In the last few years I’ve found my creativity in cooking, baking, crafting and soon to be everything kid activities. 🙂 Creative expression connects you with your soul, the more you tune into your creativity and express it the more vitality and energy that runs through your body and oozes outward in the form of bliss and joy.

I would love to hear some of your tips for expressing more health and vitality.