4 Tools for Activating Your Creative Spark

Do you think creativity is a special gift only a select few posses? Is creativity a talent you wish you had? Do  you admire others for their creativity and never find time for your own?

Creativity is an untapped source of energy and vitality that lives within each of us. You have the gift of creativity within you. It is a form of self expression that may need a little activation, but once flowing will fill you with an energy of excitement and inspiration that will carry you through your days and weeks with a sense of joy and love.

In this article I’m going to share 4 tools to activating your creative spark so you can stop dreaming about what it would be like to be creative and start experiencing the bliss that comes from allowing your creative expression to flow.

Do you tell yourself or others that you aren’t creative?

I know what it’s like to hear the joy your friends get from painting, crafting, dancing or other outlets and be hard on yourself because you aren’t creative or haven’t found your expressive outlet. Have you tried a few things here and there and found the process more deflating than fun because you were judging yourself the entire time or comparing yourself to others?

Do you have a strong desire to express yourself and share your gifts?

Is your creativity and self expression waiting to bubble up from within you, but then fear takes over and breaks through the surface and leaves you with harsh judgements and ridicule? Is there a negative story of self doubt you tell yourself frequently about your creative ability? Do you find your creativity paralyzed for fear of not getting it right?

Limiting beliefs are not reality. You deserve to experience the joy, bliss and fun that creativity offers. 

Creativity is a source of vitality and energy that you can experience no matter the level of talent you bring. Creativity is a spark that activates in space that is free of judgment. When that spark activates you experience a sense of inner joy and excitement that follows with ease and flow. As you apply the tools below you will start to experience your creativity and self expression coming through you instead of pushing to make it happen.

The practice of creativity like any other spiritual practice; is not about the destination it is about the journey. Your creative practice is about the moments you spend being creative it is not about where the practice is getting you or about the outcome. The outcome is a bonus.

Below are four tools that I use to activate creativity. These are powerful in allowing me to get out of my head and create from a place of inviting and allowing.

  1. Explore your form of creativity. Being creative doesn’t look a certain way, pick something that excites you. You could be creative with cooking, crafting, dancing, movement, making shapes in the clouds, or writing. The key is to create a “creative practice” so that you can cultivate your expression regularly and continuously.
  2. Drop into your heart. Before starting your creative practice it’s important to put your to do list, stresses and worries aside. Create a little ritual you follow each time before you start your creative process, it is a beautiful way to invite in your creativity. I start with a short meditation, I invite my guides to support and join me and I also set an intention. Eg. To be open,  To trust myself, To have fun etc.
  3. Make a date with Self-Love. I don’t know about you but if someone was standing in front of me judging my every step I would find it challenging to create. I would find it paralyzing. The judgement I’m referring to is the self judgment you put on yourself when you’re trying to create. It stops you from allowing the energy to flow. During your creative practice fill your thoughts with gracious encouraging loving thoughts. Remember this is a creative practice so the simple act of following through is a huge accomplishment and something to be proud of. Acknowledge yourself for following through on activating your creativity. When you activate inner gratitude it creates an inward momentum. Make a commitment not to judge yourself during your creative process. If you become aware that you are comparing or judging yourself replace it with a positive thought.
  4. Give Yourself the Space to Activate Your Spark. When your creative spark is activated you want to build on it and have enough time to get into the flow. To really enjoy the blessing of your creative expression you want to give yourself a couple of hours and take a time of day that you feel most rejuvenated. I know personally it needs to be in the morning as I find my mind is more foggy and tired in the evenings. Most importantly, you will need to schedule in your creative practice like anything else in your life.  If  you are like many people in our society, time is a commodity and if you don’t schedule in your creative practice it won’t happen. If creativity doesn’t come easily, it’s so important to get it on your calendar as you may have some resistance initially and may even have excuses to not make it a priority.

Start tapping into your source of endless and energy and vitality. Apply these tools and you will start to experience the inner bliss you desire through your creative juices. There is a gift of self expression within you that is waiting to be unleashed and shared with the world.

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