The Soul’s Strategy
A six month course in leading a Soul-Driven Business, being fiercely “at-cause”, creating ease, grace and flow in all that you create. 

The work you do is born out of pure passion – it is your inspiration – your dreams come to life. However, you often find yourself feeling frustrated, uninspired, and questioning more days than you would like. 

You find yourself feeling stuck, unable to keep the momentum of moving forward, even though at times you have a good stride. It is as if there is an endless cycle of doing, and you are just checking things off lists. You are left wondering what happened to the passion, fun, and feeling supported.

At the same time you know you are ready for an up-leveling and you know it’s time to not only do the work you love but also get paid what you are worth.

You know you have the strength, vision and talent to make it ALL happen. All that is missing is some support to fill in the gaps, move you through the blocks, and keep you on top of your number one priority and resource: YOU! (so that you can be of the greatest service) 

Regular Price: $2600 (or 6 payments of $450)

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6 Month Program Payment Options

Monthly Modules:

  • Personal Power Alignment
  • Business Structures Alignment
  • Lifestyle Alignment
  • Finance & Abundance Alignment
  • Conscious Collaboration Alignment
  • Love Alignment
  • Vitality Alignment

Program Components*:

  • Brilliance Morning Practice
  • Live Group Training Calls
  • Live Guest Speaker Webinars
  • Virtual Make it Happen Days
  • Private Invite to Being Woman Parties
    *Different program levels include different elements.

The Soul’s Strategy Monthly Modules

Personal Power Alignment: You will be “at cause”, in control and creating without hesitation or anything getting in your way. You will become radically on purpose, focused, totally on task, and easefully creating without upper limits, limiting thoughts, fears and doubts interfering.

  • A way of skillfully uncovering your excuses, limiting beliefs, sabotaging thoughts and actions.
  • Discover methods to break old repeating patterns and uncover where you and your business are leaking energy.

Business Structure Alignment: You will expand your capacity for creating in flow. The introduction of new thought, ideas, and processes will allow you to work in and on your business in a more effective and clear way. The bottom line of your business will increase as processes and strategies are introduced.

  • A plan that focuses on effectiveness, efficiency the highest priorities for moving your business forward.
  • A guideline to ensure you are always working in your zone of genius which allows you to share your greatest gifts, and brings inner fulfillment and contentment.
  • You will create systems and processes that allow you to see clearly when clients, partners and opportunities are in alignment with goals. 

Lifestyle Alignment: You will be able to breathe again. You will find ease, flow and grace with what you have created. You become “at cause” giving as much to yourself as you do to your business. Both you and your business (not to mention all those around you) start thriving at a new level. You get to live the life you have dreamed of.

  • Effective strategies in a soulful way that can allow small daily changes to compound for massive growth and change overtime.
  • Create a ritual that allows you to have mental clarity and focus.
  • Strategies for ruthlessly releasing all that you no longer need, or that no longer serves you.
  • A plan to ensure that which you desire most has a place in your business and life, first and foremost.

Finance & Abundance Alignment: Your bottom line increases. You begin to fiercely know your value, and start communicating it clearly as you begin charging what you are worth.

  • Exercises to have you begin to know and own your value.
  • Strategies to lead powerful enrollment conversations.
  • Discovery of your Zone of Genius

Conscious Collaboration Alignment: You become empowered to create a new way of partnering with others: truly aligned collaborations. With these partnerships you will be able to come together with others who are in alignment and are able to create greater results and impact than you could on your own. As a result, your clientele will expand, you reach your goals faster, and create relationships that really work and benefit everyone.

  • An avatar that allows you to easily identify thriving partners and a plan for moving forward.
  • Individualized blueprints on how to build powerfully aligned relationships/partnerships.
  • Develop win-win initiatives and leveraging opportunities with love.
  • Develop powerful ways to share what you do, where people magnetize to you as you really connect to the heart of what they need.

Love Alignment: You will become more open to experiencing love and be ready to choose to live with an open heart. You will also become more able to create relationships in your life that are truly nourishing for everyone.

  • A plan to feel more expanded in your interactions, and engage feeling fulfilled and empowered.
  • Create an anchor for shifting your fears and more easily choosing love.
  • Cultivating the muscle to experiencing more and more love, and therefore experiencing more everyday miracles.

Vitality Alignment: You are claiming your birthright: Radiant health. You are finally committing to and making time for your health and self care of you – and your business and everyone in your life is vibrant because of it. 

  • A 30-Day Challenge, where you can commit to and be in a community supported in experiencing the biggest health transformation of your life.
  • We will provide you with resources and access to take your health and vitality to new levels in all areas.

Regular Price: $2600 (or 6 payments of $450)

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6 Month Program Payment Options


Kate Muker



Kate Muker

Produced events with world-class speakers
like Danielle LaPorte and Gabrielle Bernstein.
Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger.
Founder of Conscious Divas.

Lara Kozan



Lara Kozan

Co-founder of Yyoga and Nectar Juicery.
Winner of Business In Vancouver’s “40 Under 40”

The Soul’s Strategy Program Components*

Component 1: Brilliance Morning Practice, an everyday practice, for 6 months held by Kate & Lara with your community of support.

Here’s why it’s important:

Setting an intention for your day is one of the most powerful things you can do to align with your goals and your soul. Each and every day, we will declare our “I am….” for the day, in community, and affirm those in our community. Doing this with consistency, and most importantly in community where you can be seen in your brilliance and see other in theirs – elevating your life in a way that you never imagined possible. Declaring everyday who you are being, who you are, so others can see you – is nothing short of miraculous.

Component 2: Six (6) 60-90 minute LIVE Group Training Calls with Kate Muker and Lara Kozan.

Here’s Why It’s Important:

These special training calls will provide you with advanced level tools for developing, manifesting, and taking action on your soul-driven project. These deep, information-packed and intimate calls will provide the inner and outer building blocks and skills you need to be a successful leader and change maker, as well as homework and coaching to integrate what you are learning into your life and your specific leadership growth right away. These calls will also include time for Q/A. That’s 9 hours of incredible information and learning with both Lara & Kate!

Component 3: Six (6) 60-90 minute LIVE Special Guest Speaker Calls.

Here’s Why It’s Important:

Access leaders in the community! These special training calls are hosted by special guests: leaders & experts in the community all inline with our monthly modules. These calls will take you deeper into the teachings and allow you to access different techniques and tools from people who specialize on the specific topic. These call with also include time for Q/A.

Component 4:Two (2) Semi-Private LIVE Virtual Make-It-Happen Workshop Days, led by Lara Kozan and/or Kate Muker.

Here’s Why It’s Important:

These are facilitated days where you get to work on your mission-driven projects at home, and plug in to receive guidance from us each hour. We have a full day together to get you moving in real time on your projects! So much is accomplished during these days, we want you to have an opportunity to experience it in an intimate setting with your fellow soul strategists and with lots of access to us for questions.

On these Make-It-Happen days, you will have the unique opportunity to learn new techniques and strategies for seeing your passion project through to completion and actually take breaks throughout the day to IMPLEMENT those techniques.

Instead of ending the day with a long to-do list, you will be able to feel accomplished and energized!

Component 5: Private Invitation to Being Woman Parties

In addition to your Group Training calls, you’ll have access to an intimate and personal community providing the opportunity to connect and grow together. These parties happen at one of our homes to keep it intimate and comfortable, and take place several times a year.

Program Details


  • Everyday Brilliance Morning Practice
  • Monthly Live Group Training Calls
  • Monthly Live Guest Speaker Webinars
  • 2 Virtual Make it Happen Days
  • Private Invite to Being Woman Parties
    *Different program levels include different elements.