If you fully owned your inner power and recognized your potential, what vision would become your reality?

You are here because you’re already on a personal path, committed to a vision much bigger than you and larger than life. As a person of tremendous caring and unlimited potential, your grand vision is one of deep meaning and deeply impacts others and the world around you.

At the core I’m here to lead and love.

Nothing brings me greater joy than sharing with others how to re-align and embark on their own path of soul aligned living. There is a simpler way to do life, that actually allows for more. Integrating in all aspects, I’m passionate about creating life by design. One of living in ease and flow, and showcasing your brilliance.

I offer intuitive one to one coaching and mentorship for women entrepreneurs and mothers who are ready to uplevel in a big way.

Women who work with me own their spirituality and are ready to bring their clarity and confidence back to the forefront. Together, we reclaim their intuition to create an aligned life + business that is abundant for their health, wealth and soul. We are innately full of vitality and my intuition shows up laser-focused on each call, committed to dive deep and guide you on your journey to fully embrace your true essence.

Through working together one on one, we mix your soul work with practical methods of expression. We’ll dive deep, uncovering your personal blocks that have kept you frustrated and move you back toward your number one priority and resource: You!

You’ve got family and friends to support and a community to be of service to. Not to mention actualizing your life’s vision, mission and purpose.

One on One Coaching with Kate

Personalized intuitive coaching is at the heart of our time together.

After an initial discovery call to understand your goals and vision for your life, we’ll work together to determine if 6 or 12 months of support are right for you.

Delivered through 45 minute calls, once or twice a month, you’ll receive dedicated attention and the support you need to strongly cultivate your intuition, achieve your vision and feel more flow.

I crafted my own unique Soul Aligned Plan and know first-hand the ease, confidence and clarity that follow the use of this powerful yet simple tool.

I’d love to work with you to create your soul aligned life.

Intuitive coaching combined with practical tools and strategies to support your wisdom ensure that which you desire most has a place in your business and life, first and foremost.

From a heart-centred place and through a soul aligned lens, some of the pillars we may cover in your personalized program include:

  • Establishing measurable goals and creating a course of action
  • Building a new personal practice
  • Designing your ideal schedule
  • Creating a personalized soul aligned plan
  • Legacy planning
  • Living in alignment and identifying your own conscious evolution
  • Reviewing life stressors and equipping you with strategies for strength
  • Uncovering how you show up in life and how this translates to business
  • Fine tuning your energy and energy management
  • Embodiment of a power mindset versus unempowered
  • Prioritizing of your needs in a healthy way
  • Quieting of the mind through meditation or similar practices

Learning to trust your intuition is no small task.

Fundamental transformations take time. Imagine building in the “minimums” for your day, week, and month knowing you have the inner guidance to actually follow through. Attuned to a higher vibration, the soul aligned life emerges.

When we work together one on one:

The days of feeling torn between a spiritual path and personal success are over. When it comes to the next level of the conscious path it’s less about ‘how’ and more about the sacred wisdom of YOU.

With powerful tools at hand to create true transformation, and supported by a coach who has ‘been there’ in your corner, you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed at the thought of growth and upleveling. You’ll be living in flow thanks to real tools and tried, tested and true techniques and strategies for intuitively creating your soul aligned life.

Deeply connect to your why. Your why is the heart of your business and your family. It’s the love that keeps you going. It adds meaning, inspiration and motivation to every step and task you need to do in your business to achieve your goals. Being connected to it keeps you focused on the greater outcome while being present with the day to day. When your why is anchored in your heart you can share your vision and have it touch the hearts of your clients, partners and community.

Take ownership of your value. You uncover hidden strengths, more clearly see your value and communicate it with confidence. You eliminate areas in your business, and in your day, where you are leaking your energy, over delivering and overworking. When you are grounded in your value you increase your client enrolments, charge what you are worth and identify additional revenue streams.

Blast past those pesky limiting beliefs. You clear out any incongruences in your life that are limiting your potential. You become aware of the thoughts and patterns that hold you back. You cultivate self love practices and shine light on your fears. You discover how to manage your limiting beliefs, fears and move forward anyways.

Clearly identify your ideal clients and partners. Ones that are in alignment with your soul and soul’s purpose. Clients that fill you and fuel your business. Happy clients refer you more aligned clients. You discover the art of building bridges, connections and creating collaborations. You create joint ventures that light you up, expanding your community with efficiency and ease.

Create a Soul Aligned Plan. An effective roadmap that allows you to navigate the next steps of your business and move forward. A step by step plan that is aligned with your soul’s vision and drops the ego. You discover tools and strategies that keep you focused and eliminate distractions. You experience the success and joy that comes from consistent aligned action.

Imagine experiencing alignment and being able to reclaim and reignite your intuition and inner knowing in the following areas of your life:

  • Personal Power
  • Lifestyle
  • Abundance
  • Love
  • Vitality
  • Conscious Collaboration

You’re home. It’s real, raw and practical. From no nonsense to your sixth sense.

My Offering

This work is best received across 6 or 12 month terms. We’ll work together to determine the right amount of time based on your life, as well as your goals.

1:1 dedicated 45 minute sessions of intuitive laser coaching

Spiritually grounded strategies + tools personally selected based on your goals

Accountability Homework to keep you on track

Unlimited Email support

1 Call a Month Package available from $250

2 Calls a Month Package available from $450

Step Into Alignment

My mission through this work is to ensure that women are able to embody the best version of themselves in life and business, and tap into their full potential. This is done by cultivating a relationship with your inner wisdom, so decisions are rooted in self-love and life is fueled by purpose.

Working together is effortless and easy to start. I would love to learn more about you and your unique vision for your life and those you love.

Please reach out through the simple form on my Contact page. We’ll schedule a complimentary clarity call where we can uncover where you feel uninspired or blocked.

I look forward to witnessing you reclaim your love and light.