Meet Kate Muker

Kateweb_HJP2189Welcome, I’m Kate Muker.
I help women live up to their true potential.

My stories inspire you to trust your inner voice in motherhood,  as an entrepreneur and in your everyday experiences.

I speak about cultivating your intuition. And I write about designing a life that resonates with your soul.

My events connect like-minded women who will support you on this journey towards a more meaningful life.


“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or where you are now. If you’re willing to turn inward, you will manifest every dream that lives in you.”

I am the proud mama of Indira, a beautiful soul who has been one of my life’s greatest teachers. I married my soulmate, who is my partner and biggest supporter in life and in business. I use entrepreneurship to fulfill my purpose: creating opportunities for women to live an abundant life.

My life looks good on the outside, but most importantly, it feels amazing on the inside.

Here’s the thing: none of it was luck.
It took intention and required action. I had to look inward.

My Dark Past (And The Journey Toward The Light)

I grew up looking for love and attention in all the wrong places—making decisions that hurt myself and others along the way.

I was a bully who picked on other girls in school for attention. I was involved in mentally abusive relationships since the age of 13. And, in my late teens, I silenced the pain with copious amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Although I’ve always had a strong intuition, I was too scared to trust it. I gave others the power to make decisions for me – others who were even more lost than I was.

I finally turned things around in my twenties.

I began listening to the voice that I had muted for so long. I started cultivating a relationship with my inner wisdom. Finally, with a lot of courage, I walked away from the last unhealthy relationship – a giant leap toward self-love.

For the first time, I had listened to my heart and I felt empowered.

So I kept on trusting.

That same voice told me to look at the next obstacle that was restricting me: my job. I wanted to quit, which meant walking away from a fat salary with no future work lined up.

My family and peers thought I was insane to even consider it. “You’re 24 years old and you have no post-secondary education. You won’t find anything better—be responsible!”, they pleaded.

But the universe told me that the most responsible thing I could do with my one life was to start steering my own ship. It seemed like such a risk—but I did it anyway.

I quit!

I decided to go travelling and embarked on a solo journey that solidified my commitment to living my truth. I haven’t looked back since.

MUKER FAMILY-FOR WEB_Z5C0633Shortly after my return, I manifested a loving relationship with a wonderful man who later became my husband. Together, we are creating a beautiful life that is aligned with our values and our vision.

Professionally, I was a wantrepreneur for many years. I had lots of ideas, spent many hours brainstorming and researching only to be paralyzed by self doubt, perfectionist tendencies and fear of failure.

In 2010 I pushed through my fears, dropped into trust and took action; Conscious Divas launched.

Over the past 5 years I have built a large local and online community, established myself as a leader, had the opportunity to work with industry leaders in the personal growth world and have sold out numerous events with over 400 people.

Yes, this is the result of taking action on the outside; but truthfully, it’s the inner work that has made everything I create possible. And the best part has been living with more ease, flow and resonance with my soul.

I know what it’s like to have a dream and not pursue it out of fear.

I know what it’s like to live with fear and lack trust and belief in yourself.

I also know what is on the other side of that and I want to guide you to own your brilliance and share it with the world.

Step Into Your Brilliance

What’s your biggest takeaway from this? It all comes down to two choices: trust your intuition or settle for an uninspired life.

My mission is to show you how to cultivate a relationship with your inner wisdom so that yours decisions are rooted in self-love and your life is fueled by your true purpose.

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