Nice to Meet You!


Hi, I’m Kate.

I work with women who are longing to find their truth. Those who resonate with personal development and just know there has to be more to this life.

The ones who know what that ‘inner knowing’ feels like and are looking to come back home to themselves. Women who want to delve deeper, fully explore and embrace the highest version of themself.

My belief is that this alignment and balance reveals our true essence and this is where our highest potential awaits.  

My stories are shared in hopes of inspiring you to trust your inner voice in motherhood,  as an entrepreneur and to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. I promise, it is there for the taking, we all just need a little help to get there.

Cultivating your intuition is a common theme around here, and teaching women to tap into their soul aligned path is my role. I am here for you, to guide you on the journey into your own soul, and design a life that makes your heart sing.

Both my coaching practice and the events I put together, connect like-minded women who are committed to living their truth and are no longer ok with staying quiet in a world where they know they need to be heard.

 “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or where you are now. If you’re willing to turn inward, you will manifest every dream that lives in you.”

I am blessed to be the proud mama of Indira and Osienne, two beautiful souls who have been some of my life’s greatest teachers. I married my soulmate, who is my partner and biggest supporter in life and in business. And I remind myself to not take this beautiful family I’ve cultivated for granted, ever.

I use entrepreneurship to fulfill my purpose: creating opportunities for women to live an abundant life.

My life looks good on the outside, but most importantly, it feels amazing on the inside. But this is also a choice I make daily.

Here’s the thing: none of it was luck.
There was no magic pill or answer.
I didn’t fall into some grand fortune or strike it rich.
But what I did learn to do was manage my fears.
I leaned in to vulnerability. I showed up, and I went for it.
I created the vision of what I wanted my life to be.
The things I learned about myself were exciting, sad, sometimes scary, but mostly I knew I could make the change if I wanted it bad enough – and I really did.
And then, I took inspired action.
But in order to do so, I had to look inward. It’s truly the only way…

My Dark Past (And The Journey Toward The Light)

We all crave love and attention when we’re growing up, but in my case, I was looking for it in all the wrong places—making decisions that hurt myself and sadly others along the way.

I was that bully who picked on other girls for attention. I was constantly in trouble at school. When kids would not want to play with me, I would torment them as a way to feel included, but stealing their energy made it painful for all of us. Remembering back, it felt so good in the moment, but going home at night, I felt empty. I was in this vicious cycle – I was starved for attention so I’d pick on others but the attention I got was never positive. Sadly, I was looking to fill a void of love and acceptance, but it always made me feel worse after the fact.

As young as 13 I was involved in mentally abusive relationships.
In my late teens/early 20’s, I numbed the pain with copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. I felt lost, often wondering who I was or who I should be like. My identity was confused and my self esteem was almost non-existent. Mirroring my days in the school yard, I had now upgraded and I was seeking the attention from men. I was so desperate for love that I would stick around, even when things got bad. I would rationalize in my head about how he would change or it wasn’t that bad despite the incident. My fear was that if I left, I wouldn’t find anyone better and I was convinced that being in a bad relationship was better than being alone. When I did find the courage to break up because I knew in my gut it wasn’t right, my lack of self-trust would bring me back.

Although I’ve always had a strong intuition, I was too scared to trust it. I gave power to other peoples opinions – others who were even more lost than I was. This led to much more confusion! The more I told others what was going on in my life, the more confused I got in any decision-making process. The chatter in my mind got louder and it was nearly impossible to know who I truly was anymore. Thinking added static to an already confused mind!

Things finally turned things around in my twenties….

I was in a very low place. While everything on the outside looked great, I still wasn’t happy. Nothing looked wrong, but nothing felt right. My soul was crying out in a really deep way, and finally I could hear it. I decided to listen.

I had muted that voice inside for so long! It took time and started slow, but I began cultivating a relationship with my inner wisdom. I started picking up books in the self help section.

I searched online and found a psychologist whose site really spoke to me and I committed to working with him for 6 months.

I remember being embarrassed by the need to see a psychologist. When I told my best friend I felt like I was justifying that really I wasn’t a weirdo, in my mind I thought people must think I’m really nuts and I don’t want to tell them. No one around me was doing any personal growth at that time, but I was guided by my soul, and trusted each step.

This was the beginning of my lifelong journey to healing and never-ending growth.

Finally, with a lot of courage, I walked away from the last unaligned relationship – a giant leap toward self-love.

For the first time, I had listened to my heart and I felt empowered.

So I kept on trusting.

Thankfully that same voice told me to look at the next obstacle that was restricting me – my job.
I wanted to quit, which meant walking away from a fat salary with no future work lined up.

My family and peers thought I was insane to even consider it. “You’re 24 years old and you have no post-secondary education. You won’t find anything better—be responsible!”, they pleaded.

But the universe told me that the most responsible thing I could do with my one life was to start steering my own ship. It seemed like such a risk—but I did it anyway. I quit! Inside my circle of friends this was incredibly off the wall and I was terrified, but my heart kept reassuring me this was the right choice and I decided to keep trusting.

I decided to go travelling and embarked on a solo journey that solidified my commitment to living my truth. I was still a very lost soul navigating without knowing where I was going. I didn’t know what I liked or what I wanted to do and when I was traveling alone, this was magnified and I found it tough to connect with people. 3 months travelling by myself taught me so much about who I was and what I was going for – moving me closer and closer to that person I wanted to be. It wasn’t instant, there were drops back into the old life but there was no going back. I was listening more and more.

I met this really beautiful soul who was on a spiritual path that I could connect with. She took me in like a daughter – we would spend weekends together. I went to a weekend meditation workshop with her to see her guru from India as my first introduction to meditation. I did a manifestation process with her over a weekend some program she bought. Pretty much after 6 months of spending a lot of time together I manifested a loving relationship with a wonderful man, Sukhi who later became my husband.

Together, we’re creating a beautiful life that is aligned with our values and our vision.

Professionally, I was a wantrepreneur for many years. I had lots of ideas, spent many hours brainstorming and researching only to be paralyzed by self doubt, perfectionist tendencies and fear of failure.

In 2010 I pushed through my fears, dropped into trust and took action; Conscious Divas, a spiritually based events community for the modern woman, blossomed and launched.

Since then, I have built a large local and online community, established myself as a thought leader, had the opportunity to work with industry leaders in the personal growth world and have sold out numerous events with over 600 people. It has been beautifully fulfilling creating opportunities for my community to partake in the incredible work of the likes of Dr. Shefali, Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle Laporte, and Kate Northrup to name just a few.

Yes, this is the result of taking action on the outside; but truthfully, it’s the inner work that has made everything I create possible. And the best part has been living with more ease, flow and resonance with my soul.

I know what it’s like to have a dream and not pursue it out of fear. Always chasing the shiny ball to the next big thing.

I know what it’s like to live with fear and lack trust and belief in yourself. Measuring my self worth through achieving things.

I also know what is on the other side of that and I want to guide you to own your brilliance and share it with the world. I’m now able to experience fulfillment, certainty and confidence in who I am and who I want to be. It doesn’t mean life is perfect but I have access to an amazing super power that lives within me and a deep knowing that leaves me feeling empowered instead of lost and confused. When things aren’t flowing the way I know they can I know what needs to be done and I know that I have full control now to change that.

I discovered the tools and I make the decisions now.

Time to Step into Your Brilliance

It all comes down to two choices: trust your intuition or settle for an uninspired life.

My mission by working with you is to show you how to cultivate a relationship with your inner wisdom so that your decisions are rooted in self-love and your life is fuelled by your true purpose.

Inspired action is preceded by clarity. I would love to learn more about you and your unique vision for your life and those you love. Please reach out for a complimentary clarity call where we can uncover where you feel uninspired or blocked.

I’d love to help you reach your highest potential.

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